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Public Health


Our public health degree is an interdisciplinary programme, which broadens students' horizons to explore health needs and the links between theory and practice in relation to the concepts and principles of public health.

A degree in public health is one that will equip you with skills and knowledge to improve and protect public health and the well-being of individuals, communities and populations. You will focus on how to tackle major health challenges and reduce inequalities at global, national and local levels. This degree aims to boost your chances of employability in the field of epidemiology, statistical analysis, public health training, public and social care, community health, and health care services.

You will be encouraged to take on a work placement so you can gain professional and practical skills through working with a local authority, social entity or an NGO. Working on one aspect of public health would help you contribute in improving healthcare service delivery, empowering people in building a healthy lifestyle and influencing health policy reform in London and beyond.

The extended Public Health with Foundation Year is perfect if you want a degree in public health but don't have the standard entry requirements.


"We've just revalidated our course and now the focus is much more on doing things," explains Course Leader Paul Watts. "So we've trimmed down modules which previously had a lot of theory and it's now a much more practical course."

We'll start in your first year by giving you a thorough understanding of health and healthcare in the UK. You'll study epidemiology, the cornerstone of public health. It's the science that studies the patterns, causes and effects of health and disease conditions in populations.

In your second year, you'll take a practical module where you'll use our computer labs to access and analyse health data before presenting an epidemiological report on it. That skill of interpreting data is in short supply in the UK and is in hot demand.

You'll choose your own final-year project. It could be anything from the evaluation of a public health programme to a focus-group study analysing an important local health issue.

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